Saving our Customers Thousands of Dollars with Flat Fees and Commission Credits Since 1987

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Dalton Real Estate

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Commission Savings

Get Paid when you purchase!

Dalton Real Estate has 25 Years


From Flat Fees to Commission Credits, Dalton Real Estate will save you literally Thousands of Dollars!

Always on the cutting edge of Real Estate Marketing, Dalton Real Estate offers Commission Credits as high at 90%! No other office can do this!

Dalton Real Estate was established in 1987.


Initially as a source for those who had little or no equity in their property. Our low commission rates provided them with a solution for selling their property.


Today Dalton Real Estate is still growing.


We still offer the lowest commission rates.


Unlike the national franchises and large independent offices we are able to be more flexible when it comes to the terms of a listing agreement.


We constantly strive to offer superior customer service. We make every effort to give our clients and customers all the information they need in order to make an intelligent decision.


We are member of all the major MLS associations in our area and also we are a HUD registered Broker.


We are the areas FIRST Full Service Discount Commission Broker.


Everyday there are new offices boasting low commission rates...don't be fooled by the imitators, we are flattered that ALL offices are following the trend to discount their commissions.


Remember we offer more than low rates, we provide FULL SERVICE and nothing can take the place of over 25 years experience in the business.


We take pride in the fact that we are straight shooters, we tell you the way it is not what you want to hear. There are no tricks in selling real estate, just experience and honesty.


We have been around longer and under the same ownership than most of the large franchises in this area.


Dalton Real Estate has been helping customers in the Conejo Valley, Santa Rosa Valley, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Malibu, Calabasas and the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years.


We are the areas First and Only Full Service Flat Fee Broker.


We offer Flat Fee or discount commissions on all of our listings and rebates of up to 90% to buyers while never compromising the quality of our services.


We offer an entire menu of services from Flat Fees to Commission Rebates.

Noone can save you money like we can.


We take pride in the fact that we tell it like it is not what you want to hear.

There are no tricks to selling Real Estate, just experience and a well priced product.


We've been around longer and under the same ownership than most of the large franchises in the area.


No Nonsense, if you want the old-fashioned traditional brokers ways of selling houses with their high commissions, we are not for you.

Dalton Real Estate knows what sells homes. We know your time is valuable so we will never waste your time with a long winded presentation.


At Dalton Real Estate, we have Agents that specialize in representing sellers only and Agents who represent buyers only.


We've been providing full service, Flat Fee or Discounts on our commissions and rebates to buyers LONGER than any other office in this area!


Before you choose your next Real Estate office, remember who started the Flat Fee and Discount commission trend over 20 years ago.


Saving money is important but our experience combined with our Flat Fees and Affordable Commissions is invaluable!Dalton Real Estate's mission is to provide services up to 50% less than what our competition charges, and to provide first class service in the process.


However, we will beat anyones commission rate! Guaranteed!


And remember our company slogan....


"Saving our clients thousands of dollars with the lowest commission rates!"